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Mach3 Probe
« on: October 02, 2015, 06:35:50 AM »
if you could help me with my problem that would be great .. i have a little problem with mach3 vb script .. whenever i write this vb script it sends a message says "syntax error" is there anything wrong in the script ... im a newbie here ( the script is for Mach3 probe that works with THC proma ) and if you have good probe scripts that works with THC that would be great if you sent them
the script:
CurrentFeed = GetOemDRO(818)
PierceHight = -4.0
ProbeFeed = 1300.0

Code "G90 F" &ProbeFeed

If GetOemLed(825)=0 Then

Code "G31 Z-117 F" &ProbeFeed

While IsMoving()

Code "G4 P0.25"

ZprobePos = GetVar(2002)

Message "ProbePos is" & ZprobePos

Code "G0 Z" &ZprobePos

While IsMoving()

Call SetDRO(2. PierceHight)

While IsMoving()

Code "G4 P0.6"
Code "G0 Z 0"
Code "G92 Z0.0"

Message "Z at Perice Hight " & ZprobePos

Code "F" & CurrentFeed




Code "(ERROR. Plate is Grounded)"


Exit Sub

End If

if you could help me please reply soon