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Author Topic: Need Help If Possible --- Tormach pcnc 1100 and ESS Smoothstepper  (Read 1926 times)

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Trying to install a smooth stepper on my PCNC 1100 mill. I have everything working except the spindle. I cannot make any relays energize from the control software to make the spindle run. Does anyone have a Tormach that has successfully made this work. I am using the Mach 3 stand alone version as Tormach does not support there mach platform anymore and someone from Tormach told me the ESS plugin will not work with there legacy mach program.

I can run the spindle manually from the front panel of the machine. Once I start the spindle, power is applied to the VFD and the spindle starts. I still have no control from the control computer. If I shut the spindle down from the front panel, power remains on the vfd but I still have no control from the computer. I am hoping someone on here has gone through this and has some answers and please forgive my ignorance. I have very little electrical knowledge, just enough to get me in trouble. Does anyone know how Tormach supplies and applies power to the vfd contactor. There are also 5 ice cube relays on the bob so any help with which if any of them feed the VFD is appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Re: Need Help If Possible --- Tormach pcnc 1100 and ESS Smoothstepper
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Well after two long days of trying to figure out how to make the tormach spindle work through the ESS smoothstepper I am no closer that I was before. I have the tormach software and Mach 3 mill software on my computer and I can make everything work in both programs with the machine hooked up through the LPT port. If I connect the ESS to the mill, the tormach version and the mach 3 mill will control everything except the spindle. I am not sure how tormach controls the spindle in there version of mach but just copying all the settings and xml faile is not working. When using the LPT port, when you reset the machine power is supplied to the BOB board. When you hit the spindle start button the C2 contactor makes up putting power to the spindle contactor and the spindle starts. Using the smooth stepper I cannot get the c2 contactor to energize from the control software but I can make it energize with a jumper or from the front panel but even then with the contactors energized I still cannot get the spindle to start. Bout ready to pull my last few hairs out. I am sure there this has been done successfully and I hope someone has some ideas to share.

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Re: Need Help If Possible --- Tormach pcnc 1100 and ESS Smoothstepper
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Have you thought about calling TORMACH ??? They are not going to help you set up the ESS BUT they can tell you how the Tormach works spindle wise.

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