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Author Topic: Help Ghosting Problem running PC Board GCode with Mach3-G100-G340-K2cnc  (Read 4245 times)

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  Hello All
This is my outline to help solve a problem I am having
It is in detail to help other who might want to do the same thing
As there is not a lot of info on creating Circuit Boards on the on-line boards

I First Purchased G340 (K02) some years ago (They Work)
Also purchased My Motors around the same time
They are Polysci C23-L55
Ratings are: PT=430, CST=50, RTV=12-60V, TV=36Vdc, RPM=1700, RT=40.5, RC=2.5 Amps,
RP=Watts50.9-HP.07, TS=21.6oz-in/amp, B-EMF=16volts/Krpm- 0.1525volts/rad/sec, TR=3.39ohms,

TI=5.50mH, MC=0.083 ECT think this covers the important ones

They Have US Digital Encoders
E2-250-250-G Encoders              (They Work)

This was intended to convert a Enco Table mill to CNC

Decided not to convert, but Build a Cnc Router Table, to create Circuit Boards

So in December I Purchased a G100 for the Router, as I Love Ethernet devices.
( G100  Works Well Even with my computer on a wireless network)
(Because I have a router/gateway that tells windows where it is)
 Cutting Air that is Wireless,  So Cool ( Yea Im A Geek)
The plug-in was close to finished so to help with my learning curve
 I Purchased a K2CNC KT-1414 router table stripped down version 
(Very nice! For the little amount Money I spent)
 (God i love E-Bay)

Got the Motors Mounted,
 G100 running the machine,
limit switches working,
Purchased Mach3,
And started my learning process.
1st thing I learned is
That Marris is about 500 times smarter than me
and the next time I talk to him on the phone
I will have to  Tape Record the conversation to refer back to the huge amount of guidance,
and Technical Mathamatics Behind the Science and art of CNC Electronics.

Also that I should use steppers, and Servos aren’t the best solution
for my application and hardware

Silly Me,  I Called him Because I thought I could just split the encoder signal wires one set to the G340 the other to G100 for Mach3 DRO's to know the exact Feedback throug the G100 with Shared Encoder Signal
(and Marris was nice enough to not laugh at me!)

Got the router moving no problems (Tuned the motors By Ear) and learned
 how to use and setup Mach3 Easy No Problems (Ok Marris And Art  are only 100 times smarter)
But I Suck at math  so they are 303.14 times smarter!

Played with the Road Runner file provided in Mach3 for Days
Cutting Air and learning how not to crash the machine
( Geico Quoated   $3000.00 for  CNC Crash insurance) i feel like im 16 Years old with learners permit
 Thought I would get a discount because of the Gecko relationship Thing.
  But Thanks’ to Marris for that Current Limit Pot!
 And Art’s Soft Limits.
 My machine is still in perfect shape!

Cutting Air got boring so then I decided to make a Expensive CNC Printer
Wiith my Newly acquired CNC Expertise
I will have to add to my resume( CNC Exertise,Gcode,)
 To Help Me get into the Private (6 figures club  $ ###.##3.14)   

I Had a Creative Idea!
A (pen holder)
So I could see what my machine was making.
 (Art’s Famous Road Runner) the live version

So Instead of Cutting Air
Now I was tearing Holes in the paper
Which led to (Rev 2) of the pen holder
*****(Spring Loaded Pen Holder)********
(OK Now Marris and Art are only 73.14 times Smarter)
 I Am going to be rich and it only has 3 parts build.
I Will Buy Both Marris and Arts Technology and Become the CNC King
 And I don’t even need a cnc machine to make one!
 But to get rich I need to sell thousands   (Note: Learn CNC for Patent Creation)
 So I applied for the Patent
but was Rejected
Lots of laughter from the Patent Office.
(They were laughing at me not with me)
A Pen Controlled by a computer HAHaHa think that is called a plotter HaHaHa

Now I could test my machine and see the results

Looking good (Im Autistic, i mean Artistic) Just look at that Road Runner(I Made That)

Now I need to learn how to make circuit boards

Got out my old copy of DC/Cad to upgrade it and found out they are out of business.
And now I don’t even own a computer that has 5.25 inch disk drive
Lucky for me I made back up copies on 3.25 inch disk
But they to were unreadable because they were in a box
 in the garage for the past 10 years
should have bought a cd burner and a cnc router sooner

Any way
Eagle 4.16r2 sounded like the best solution for me
Made my test circuits found testing accuracy confusing
 because the have two sides
And I could only see one side
Hard to tell what is going on accurately

So I made a Test BoardCircuit with lots of cool complicated shapes and traces. (Autistic) or (ADD)
You know like the Test Pattern you would wake up to after leaving the TV on (BLEEEEEEEEEP)
Only my test pattern was drawn in 5 minuets so it looks kind of crude.

After a night of using Lazy cam to try to generate gcode I gave up
( It is still Beta)
and not intended for circuit boards
(though Art Says they are working on a tool for that to.)

Now After doing some Eagle Research I found out that there is a script to Create the GCode
 created by a guy that is also many times smarter than me (John Johnson) well maby not!
 As it is free to use (He should at least charge $25 for  pcb-gcode)

Works Great Nice script Makes the board’s g-code files in seconds even makes the drill code
Wish Eagle was this Easy to use
Time to test the Machine and learn
the Art of Making PCB Boards

Here is the problem Part
On my Machine the road runner file is fine I can draw the file over and over with good precision
At least to the tolerance of my Spring loaded Pen invention  +- .002

Now when I run this test file I get this what I am calling Drift or ghosting
The PCB script file makes a total of 4 complete passes to mill the copper foil
So when the second or third pass the pen is re-drawing over the first Drawing
The Drift or ghosting  is there  ( See PDF File)

How do I get rid of this problem

I Tested this same file on a Hass VF-3 Mill and it is Perfect
So the scripts G-Code is Good

I need a couple of people to test this on there machines for reference!
I Tried to get Art to look at it  but he said with 8,000 users there is know way
 Mach would be as good as it is if he had to run and look at every ones code files
We would still be at Mach 1.3.14
( You see its People like me that cause him to need a vacation) ( 1 X 7,003.14Problems =Vacation)

I Think I may need to tune my motors to correct the problem.
I Can not find that Test point on the G340  Rev K02 ( Marris )
Or this could be a G100 Problem  (Marris, Art, Steve)
Or I may be a 1000 times dumber than every one and missed some setting (I Can Drive) (I Can Drive)
Or set up Mach3 incorrectly  (Stupid Cybertek)

So I also need some testing from P-Port users
(As I am to dammed lazy to re-wire to do a P-Port Test my Self)

I Think this would be good code to test accuracy of your mill ( the sales Pitch)
from the lazy Frustrated guy

The problem mainly happens once the rapid succession arcs and lines is completed.
This is the largest code you will ever see 400+K ( Its not a virus, its GCode )

Also if any one understands all the plug-in settings for the G100 can we start documenting
What happens if I change to 4MHZ instead of 65KHZ   as well as all the other settings
The New Manual of G100 Plug-in
The Complete Idiots Guide on the G100
Created For The 1000 times dumber (Cybertek)

Hey at least I can get mine to work on Ethernet
Just kidding  (Ethernet is just natural for me)

Though I would suggest forget about the crossover cables
 (Buy A network router they are cheep) 

Makes life Easy
Remember the early days of networking
You had to be a guru to network computers  before the router
The problem is with windows networking not the g100 or mach3
And the Network router fixes that for windows

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Problem Solved
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Hello All,

Thought i would give an update!

The problem turned out to be in my G340 Drives (Kinda)
(Just because it cost more don't mean its the right tool for the job)

The Step Multiplier board can cause lost or miss steps on direction Changes
if not compensated for in the G-Code 
(Pause before direction Changes atleast with a g100 speed)
I Removed the MX board and Replaced it with a HCPL2531-ND Opto
 Per Marris's Advice
No more Drift or ghosting
The Mill is now as acurate as the HASS VF-3 just not as fast
on the Hass it took 32 min ,My mill took 39 min
That may be because we had to remove some (P) G-Code Commands
The Hass didn't know what to do with the (P) Comand

And this was done over a Wireless Network   
[ (Laptop) {(Air)}  (G100)rev2.00.0.60  ]to the G340 - KT-1414


My Hats Off to   
 {Artsoft - Gecko - and Steve}