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MACH3 & ModBus
« on: January 20, 2014, 09:22:24 PM »
Hello Everyone I just joined over the weekend to this forum which is a really great resource to the whole international community. Recently, on the 9th January 2014 I have bought and taken delivery of a new 5-axis table-top router that I purchased from a eBay seller it is the MIB 30 x 40 with water-cooled 800 watt spindle with the optional MCH2 Jog controller.

The issue that I am having is that even though I have followed all of the instructions from the manufacturer like copying the brain file to the c:drive folder as well as macros to utilize the jog controller while it is in PC mode switched from the machines cnc controller box I am not able to get the MACH3 to control the machines PWM spindle action or to move the jog controller when it is in PC mode.

I have tested the machines x,y and z steppers which move fine also after importing a sample g-code the machine also moves to a few lines under the demo version that I have of MACH3.

Manually, I am able to also turn on the spindle as well as when selected vary the spindles rpm speed using the jog controller that came with it.

From MACH3 I am also able to use the arrow & page up and down keys to move the x.y and z axis quite well in addition to turn it's steps to match the machines design.

But, the problem is that under the modbus test it only displays 1-pin instead of the 22-pin that it should according to the manufacturer's pdf guide.

Also, the spindle is not working at all under the MACH3 software in fact it just starts to display in the dro on the lcd screen but nothing seems to go to the MACH3 software?

When I also test the serial monitor it says:

"Serial not enabled. Enable in Ports&Pins and restart program."

The thing is that I have already input the proper 0x378 for the ECP port as well as all of the settings per the machines directional pdfhttp://www.mib-tech.com/uploads/CNC_Controller_JY5300_V3_User_guide.pdf

There are two connections that I have one is the 25-pin cable the other is the usb modbus cable both are needed according to the manufacturer.

I really could use any help, advice or pointers that anyone has to get this machine to work.

Currently, I am studying my last semester as a Mechatronic major so I would like to be able to use the machine to make mostly printed circuit boards yet also machine parts and molds.

I have attached several photos of the settings section as well as the pdf which has the instructions and the settings per the manufacturer:



Thank You to everyone in advance