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Author Topic: Dual Boot XP & win7 32bit can't install plugins on win7 d drive access denied  (Read 5014 times)

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Hi There
          Am wondering how plugins actually get installed as i cant install any on my win7 32 (on the D drive) of my dual boot system.

XP (on the C drive) I installed plugins no problem.

I can also install plugins on my main work Pc win7 64 (C drive)

My theory is that the plugins look for the C drive only? Is this true?  If so how can i install plugins on my Win 7 D Drive?

I am trying to evaluate win7 against XP so the dual boot seemed a good idea!

Hope there's someone out there that is able to advise me  ???


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If it's not a security permission issue, copy the Mach3 folder to the C drive, and install the plugins. Then copy the .dll files from the C:\Mach3\plugins folder to the one on your D drive, then delete the Mach3 folder from the C drive. The .dll files are the plugins.

I would suspect that it might be a security setting issue, though.

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Hi Gerry
           Thanks for your reply, you were 100% correct, it was indeed a permissions problem.

I had all ready set the slider in the admin account to the one above the bottom as i hate it questioning my every move.

To load plugins I had to go to USER ACCOUNTS & set the "changes slider" in "user account control" to NEVER NOTIFY

All is now well in the plugins department  ;D

Oh dear it seems i was to hasty, the plugins now install fine but then tell me they are defective when i start Mach3, they have installed fine on my win7 64 machine though! 

I have been in programs and turned net 3.5.1 on but it has still made no difference.

Contour Shuttle pro installed ok though!

What am i missing?