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PWM and spindle config
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:37:00 AM »
OK I have a bridgeport with Backgear.  Now, I am using pulley configs for that.  pulley one can give me 2400 rpm @ 60 Hz @ 150 Hz I should get 6000Rpm and at the minimum of  12Hz ( 20% PWM) I get 480 rpm.  Now on Pulley two/backgear I should get  673 rpm @150Hz and at 12Hz  54 rpm.  Do I set the pulley configs so that both minimum settings are at 0?   

all that is besides the fact that  I can't get the VFD to get me the full 6000 rpm or 150 Hz.  I'm running an automation direct GS2, and am awaiting their tech help to reply.  Base rpm=2400 and I set the max to 6000rpm . Anyone have experience with that? 

All help appreciated.