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Author Topic: Version 2.00.035 -- ReadME..( From ART)  (Read 2834 times)

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Version 2.00.035 -- ReadME..( From ART)
« on: January 11, 2007, 12:15:16 AM »
Hi Guys:

You know, once I lock something down, its because I figure from here on out, only small tweaks will be required, the idea is to build stability thorugh bug elimination so there is a very stable verison for people
to fall back to from R&D versions. Small changes rarely affect many, so things just keep getting better.

Several people have had various crashing issues when dealing with certain VB macro's, or spindle calls and such, I think tonight I finally found out why. I tore into the windows stacks, and starting tracing things much deeper than anyone with a brain likes to, and found something staring me in the face for a long time that I missed. The following file woudl crash after about 15 minutes..


I noticed the number of handles raising over time in the task monitor. This led me to the VB subsystem itself, and the way I was calling it. I wont go into great boring technical detail, but its a case of the program using reams more handles than it should, and windows reserves 1Meg for each handle. These handles woudl not go away, basically, each time a macro was called, 1 meg of ram and a handle disappeared. This has been true since about version 1.85 . A very very long time. IT explains a great deal to me about weirdness on some systems. Even a system with lots of Ram may have been affected, but not till much later in a run. Version .035 address's this , and if you watch the task monitor during a run, youll now see no handles are generated, and the above file will run for days or years. This is a serious bug. With a great deal of trepidation, I have had to recode some very serious sections of code, I have tested for a few hours, and Im satified that I cant see anythign bad, everythign looks much more stable, and I cant get weirdness of any type, so I have to bite the bullet, and release a "lockdown" that has been seriously changed. I dont like doing that..but I dont think I have much choice..

So be cautious with this one, Let me know of any trouble right away, basic functionallity wont change, Im only worried about macro calls, and VB calls of any type. VB buttons as well. It all seems to behave under the new calling structure, and I cant find any trouble, but Im always a bit nervous with this large a change in a lockdown. Very high priority will be given to any faults you see, worst case I see is a macro possibly not working, and the program has been told to stop execution if it senses that. (Just in case..).

Upside is, this may cure so many faults that I have never been able to reproduce or find. This type of fault causes memory problems, which can lead to ArtCode errors, and other strangness.. So try it if you can, It shoudl actually be safer than any other version...but be carefull anyway.. for a few days till we know form feedback all seems well..


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Re: Version 2.00.035 -- ReadME..( From ART)
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2007, 07:55:03 PM »

I'm finding with .035 that sometimes I have to hit cycle start twice because execution will pause at a S word and M3 like the sample below from V-Carve Pro's PP.  I'll also get a VB error for starting the router/spindle and after hitting OK on the error the VB scripter will open and the Mach will start running the file.  This only happens with a file generated from VectorCam's isov10us post.  Example below also.  These problem will go away with a restart of Mach, but will come back usually after editing a file.

I've also noticed that anytime you open a wizard, post code, and exit that Mach does an Estop and has to be reset.
Edited to say that I just backed down a version to check this and then reinstalled .035 and the Estop after a wizard/macro seems to be ok now.  ???

VCP's post

 G00 G20 G17 G20 G90 G40 G49 G80
 T8 M06
 G00 G43Z1.0000H8
 S16000 M03
 X0.0000 Y0.0000 F100.0
 G00 X1.9375 Y2.8058 Z0.1250
 G01   Z-0.2500 F45.0
 G01 X1.9375 Y2.8443  F100.0
 X2.0244 Y2.8564
 X2.0880 Y2.8641.....

Vector's post

 T0 D00 L00 S19000 F80. M06 (I don't use the T0 D00 L00 in case anyone is wondering why they are set to 0.)
 G00 X1.6266 Y1.6000 Z1.0000
 G40 X1.6266 Y1.6000 Z0.1000
 G01 X1.6266 Y1.6000 Z-0.1875 F45.
 G03 X1.7857 Y1.5371 I0.4748 J0.9681 F80.
 X1.8402 Y1.5224 I0.2482 J0.8104
 G01 X1.8801 Y1.5130 Z-0.1875
 G02 X1.9619 Y1.4792 I-0.0630 J-0.2682
 G01 X2.0000 Y1.4557 Z-0.1875.....

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Re: Version 2.00.035 -- ReadME..( From ART)
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2007, 11:58:41 PM »
Hi Guys,

You seem to be experts in macros...
I'd like to use it (or anything else in M3 instructions) to introduce a break in machining cycle to allow machine cooling down during long cycles.
I posted a topic some days ago on this:http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php?topic=2451.new;topicseen#new
Your help would be apreciated!

Thanks from France.