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Auto Open Program
« on: May 24, 2012, 10:25:30 AM »
When opening Mach 3 is there anyway for it to automatically
open a specified program? This is a project for work, and the
less the user has to do, the better.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Auto Open Program
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2012, 12:27:39 PM »
You cna use the initialization function line.

Create a macro that loades the correct Gcode program, such as M2222

'M2222 Macro to autoload program
Loadfile("C:\mach3\Gcode\roadrunner.tap")  'Name of requested Gcode file

Then add in the Mcode to the init line in Gen/config.

When Mach3 open and you press the reset button it will LOAD the program.

(;-) TP
Re: Auto Open Program
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2012, 01:14:07 PM »
Worked like a charm, Thanks BR549!
Re: Auto Open Program
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2012, 08:52:34 AM »
Nice, didn't realise this was possible.

I can get my operator starting runs without me now :D
Re: Auto Open Program
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2015, 11:16:57 AM »
I have tried this to load a g code file at start up and I get nothing. I am sure I must be missing something simple