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Author Topic: I am new and trying to fix a computer that once worked with mach3, pci problems  (Read 1686 times)

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i am trying to fix and computer that once worked with mach3, i think the bios battery stopped working, so my friend messed up all the setting in mach3 and the computer stop working, it had win2k, i started over with winxp. i still trying to get the pci card into ecp mode, i turned off on board port, because it was only 3.3v i need 5v. it had a paraport card no name chip number ch352P@706 (it should work, it did before). then i tried a Rosewill Model RC-302, the i tried ltpDebug and it worked on motherboard lpt port but when i try it on both card it restarted the computer. i read that it should say ecp in the devise manger and both card dont, am i using the wrong driver. is there better lpt debugging software.

rc-302 version 2.00.11
You don't need debugging software, you need a compatible driver, use the OS and driver you had working previously,
i dont have the original driver used and xp should work if i go back to 2k, i still have to start over.
xp should work

Granted, yes, it will, provided you have the correct driver for your hardware.
Was a driver for XP written for your hardware?
yes i found one but, i dont know how made the card, i just was able to look up the chip number ch352P@706, the driver is called wch35x
but doesnt go into ecp mode, i might need to get a new, what good one to get