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Author Topic: after tripping a limit swith, what to do about making them active again?  (Read 2785 times)

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I tripped a limit switch... screen pops up in mach and I hit reset on screen, them back off tripped switch, then hit flashing reset button again.

 I then proceeded to home machine and it went past my trip switches.

What is the procedure for this to not happen again? It's like the limit switches were disabled.

(I did uncheck watchdog earlier in the day because it seems like people were having problem with this. I have newest version of mach... should I keep watchdog enabled?)

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Not really sure what you mean, especially with the first bit as it sounds like you are jogging off with the reset flashing, you cant do that so thats why I am confused, unless you are manually winding the axis off the switch?
I have to hit reset button, a Mach window pops up that says switches need to be reset, do I want Mach to do this for me.

I click yes, reset stops flashing. I then jog off tripped switch.

But after the axis is off switches, the switches are inactive.
I guess you're supposed to turn off power to machine and manually jog off limit switches?