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Author Topic: Havering problems getting started with a Chinese made CNC 3040 machine  (Read 3429 times)

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I am very new to the Mach 3 software as well with my machine. I purchased a CNC 3040 machine and I downloaded mach3 to run it as the manual suggested.  I followed the instructions in the manual to set up the ports and pins. I installed an after market parallel port in my PC. I found the address for this port and entered these addresses into the port setup and Axis selection.  At that point I was able to jog all the axis, not very smoothly but they did move.  I haven't changed any settings but now I can not get anything to jog. 

Like I said earlier I am a newby and I am probable missing something easy.  If anyHone. An help I would be greatly appreciated. 

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Todd, I'm sorry I missed this.  Have you made any progress?  You will probably get a lot more eyes on your post if you start a new one in the general discussion board.

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