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Author Topic: Questions about Campbell Breakout board Rev5.  (Read 2121 times)

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Questions about Campbell Breakout board Rev5.
« on: December 14, 2011, 06:16:31 PM »
Hello Everyone,
This is my second post on this forum. Im glad to be here and Im hoping that someone will be able to provide me with a litte help.

Ive written to Bob Campbell twice in the last 12 days and have yet to get a reply. Perhaps he is on vacation someplce nice. At least I hope so..

rather than type out a whole new description, I will copy paste the questions I posed to Bob here. Im hurtn' folks... Need to get up and running. Im sure we've all been here at one time. Anyway:

Tada...!! Any help is gratefully appreciated and thanks in advance!

Hi Bob,
I emailed you last friday asking if you might be able to lend me a quick hand with my current situation. My machine has suffered a rather unpleasant breakdown and I am glad to report that the breakout board seems to be completely functional. I am however having some diffuclties understanding the logic behind the functions of the relays.

I have a few questions re: rev 5 combo J13 (home aux) , J17 (Dir relay),and LED 1.

The easy stuff. first:
When would I expect to see LED 1 illuminated? what I am seeing is that it is illuminated when the spindle cct is enrgized and the level of its intensity increases as the spindle voltage signal increases.... is this correct?


On the home Aux, it seems that a signal is going into the breakout board via a 24 v relay which operates a N/O contact. when this contact closes, it completes a cct routed through J13.sig/grd.  Does J13 then provide a signal to something internally? btw, any common to any of the four 12v outputs provides a solid 11.85vdc out regardless of the state of the board. ie all systems go or EPO mode (estop)

This is the part I am having difficulty understanding. Currently the B/O brd is on the bench with a simple limit switch installed for N/C operation.This limit is reproducing the runtime state. The led(5) is in on state and there seems to be no activity in or on the b/o brd regardless of whether I open this circuit or leave it closed. I have either made a mistake in my wiring, but I dont think so as the only other option is a dead short via the 12 volts provided by the rev5.OR... something is not functioning the way it was intended... Ive also attached n/c limit switches to xyz and epo. The boards is active and accepts inputs from Mach. it will home, trip a limit, run the spindle with appropriate values from J1 representing inputs in Mach, turn on all four relays(J17 -J20) -though not ina a fashion I had expected and the step/dir for xyza seem to be providing 5 v when driving in a + direction.

anyway,back to J13, The 24 volts comes from the spindle, it activates a 24v coil which in turn closes  a contact and  completes the J13 sig/grd cct.This in turn illuminates the J13 LED (led5)

So (clear as mud) in other words, what is J13 doing internally on the B/O brd? what is the typical pin assignment via the #1parall port for J13? can J13 be energized via Mach3 inputs?

And lastly for now,

The DIR relay... what is its purpose? How does it activate? or when should it activate? The only way I can get any activity from it, is to asign an m8 or m7 in the spindle set up page in Mach. This relay , if I trace the wring baack aslo goes to (or comes from)  the spindle.... from the control terminals. Which ones. I havent yet addressed. I had a VFD go soouth on me and the replacement is not the same though manufactured by the same company.. another story that I must also addresss....
What is the pin for this relay via paralle lport # 1 typically?

I hope this all makes some sort of sense.. I am by no means an expert.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen..

Thanks again!

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Re: Questions about Campbell Breakout board Rev5.
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Bob usually reads the Yahoo group. Try posting there.

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Re: Questions about Campbell Breakout board Rev5.
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Ooookay.... thanks.