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Author Topic: New release not responding to regular hotkeys for jogging like arrow key, hlp!  (Read 3198 times)

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Arrow keys are not moving my mill table, page up and page down not moving the z axis,  I just installed latest release and having some serious problems .

the mill is responding to g code, manual input.

has there been some change to hotkey commands?  is there some stop mode that locks the jog keys out when a nc file is loaded,

UPDATE,,, GAH sometimes I just have to post in order give bettter luck, right after posting found that jog was turned off? Never seen this before is this a new option of the program when you load and NC file?  Does it turn jog mode off now?  I need that on my thinks. Thanks
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Doesnt happen here, was it just a one off or is it always happening?
probablly a one off , thanks.
CTRL-J is the hotkey to turn jogging on and off. it could have been an errant keystroke.

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