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Author Topic: Chinese Machine - Anyone with JCUT-6090B configuration file?  (Read 2369 times)

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I just got my JCUT-6090B with linear rails but it has ballscrew (on all 3 axis) instead of racks. I also got the 2.2Kw spindle and coolant pump on it. I choose to go with the Mach3 controller.

The problem I am facing is that when I connect the controller to power, I can hear a hissing sound (assuming that the motors are engaged), but when I connect the LPT cable and start Mach3, the machine does not jog.

I am thinking that this is a Mach3 setup, can someone who has a similar machine please share a Mach3 configuration file to help me with the setup please. Any troubleshooting problems will help as well.


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Re: Chinese Machine - Anyone with JCUT-6090B configuration file?
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Attach your xml file to a reply. You will find it in the directory where you installed Mach.
Someone will be with you shortly to assist....... :)