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Author Topic: Beaver nc 5 atc  (Read 6037 times)

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Beaver nc 5 atc
« on: June 13, 2011, 09:35:54 AM »
Hy all

I recently came by a run down nc5 which I've decided to convert to mach 3.
Specs are, x,y,z axis use anilam 140vdc brushed servos with 3nm constant stall.
z used anilam rotary encoder for position, x and y use linear scales, all 3 use tachs.

The mill has a 30 tool atc which is arranged as a ring around the column.

My main issue is with the spindle, it has a 4kw 3phase motor.
This drives an idler shaft via a wide timing belt which in turn drives the spindle through 1 of 2 seperate timing belts.
I can see one clutch which I am assuming is electric and I assume there's another on the spindle to select between belt 1 and 2.
I can see no other mechanical means to alter the spindle speed so I again assume that a vfd or the like was used to give different speeds.

I intend to strip the head as the z axis won't move up and down.
I intend to remove the tool changer as I have no need for one.
I intend to use the original motors, ballscrews and nuts, power supply and anything else that can be found to be operational.

The mill has 4 servo amps so I hope to replace these with 4 viper200 drives to give me the chance to add a 4th axis.

I will incorporate us digital encoders 1000liine.

If anyone has any info on this type of mill I would be very greatful .

rgds gov.
Re: Beaver nc 5 atc
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Some photos
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some more
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and more
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some more resized
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last one

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Re: Beaver nc 5 atc
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2011, 11:16:17 AM »
Good to see you made it here.
That is indeed a weird one, even the changer I have not seen before. Looks like you have a spacer on the column to give extra height for that changer, the ones I have seen are off to the side and a bit higher up.
Will have to download the pics tonight when I get home and study them a bit more.
Re: Beaver nc 5 atc
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Hy Hood

what do you think of the head arrangement, fully fabricated, not cast like a bp clone.
I'm just in the middle of stripping off the old anilam linear scales I have an anilam dro on a surface grinder and have checked the scales which are operational, I'll have to get hold of a console to accecpt them.

Do you think the anilam controller is worth saving or should I just scrap, the electronics look clean but I guess that means nout.

I should take some pics of the internals, it's got a strange looking oil pump arrangement in the cabinet on the rhs with the contactors, seems strange I would imagine it's a retrofit maybe the original oiler on the back went south.

The knee also has a an ac motor on it with a 2 way switch to allow auto feed up and down, could be converted to servo in place of the spindle z to give more z travel, but I'd imagine it'd be a lot heavier for drilling than the original design.

I've found serious backlash in the x so I'm going to strip it down and check the thrust bearings and ball screws.

I'll take more photos tomorrow.


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Re: Beaver nc 5 atc
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It is a very weird one, I am wondering if it is actually made by Balding Engineering or if someone else took the basic machine and altered it or maybe even it was some form of prototype by Balding.
There are things that strike me as odd, the fabricated head as you say but also the Y axis mounting for the motor kind of looks like a retrofit.
Parts of the toolchanger (arm, ram etc) seem to be very similar to the ones that are on the later Beavers but the arrangement round the column is very different, if you look in my Beaver Mill thread here you will see someone posted a pic of I think a VC5 toolchanger. http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,10331.0.html

The knee on mine and most Beaver knee mills I have seen have the motor on the knee, my plans are to eventually fit a servo and use the knee for tool length offsets and keep the quill for normal machining. When that will happen I dont know, maybe never ;D

Dont know much about Anilam except from what a few people have said, and that was to avoid them. Not really sure why but I think expensive and hard to find spares could be part of it.

The thrust bearings on my X and Y are needing replaced, they are actually custom made bearings, standard inner taper roller but outer is a dual race affair. It will need some modification of the bearing housing to accept some standard angular contacts and is another job on the list ;D

Re: Beaver nc 5 atc
« Reply #9 on: June 13, 2011, 04:41:36 PM »
I see on one of your pics you mention an intensifier for the drawbar, I think this may be the odd looking oil pump I found located in one of the cabinets.
What does this do exactly as the one I have seems very complicated?
I am going to lift the head off and remove the whole carousel and toolchange arm then see if I can free out the z axis.
I'll then slide off the table and inspect the ball screws and nuts, can you remember were the ball nuts adjustable?

Did you use the original psu or did you build new?

I love your console, I wouldn't have the ways to make a piece of art like that, I'm going to go with a laptop, I know people advise against them, but I did an old hurco and used one and haven't had any hassle, there neat.

Thats my rough guide and I'm sure it will be strictly adhered to.

Will keep you posted.