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Metal Nibbler Two
« on: November 07, 2010, 09:49:39 PM »

I got the screws and anti backlash nuts mounted on my new (to me) even smaller machine The end of last week.  The mounting blocks were cut on my Mach 3 driven Taig.  They are to adapt an old style MaxNC 5 to acme screws and anti backlash nuts. 

The machine was assembled and hand tested Friday.  I would have done a full test except I don't have an LPT port on the PC I planned to use to drive it.  Oops.  I got one ordered and I'll see how it works. 

I tied it to my other computer today, and after making a recalculation to accomodate the screw pitch it seemed to work fine on a dry run of a helical cut.  After playing with it and testing some things I mounted a temporary spindle on it and made a test cut.  It worked fine.  Now to start designing its permanet spindle.  I plan to set it up with a redesign of my dual spindle mount, but I am playing with a couple ideas on how to zero the 2nd spindle to the 1st.  When I get it figured out and built I'll post a video of it cutting two pieces at once.