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Re: Uninstalling MSM
« Reply #10 on: April 29, 2013, 05:02:36 PM »
great calm

still no right, reason, privilege, authority, to shut down a licensed version of mach.....whether or not your software is intact, unintact, installed, uninstalled, trial or purchased. nor tie up mach in ways that it takes my time or anyones, to either, uninstall mach, use xmlnotepad, open edit directories, blah blah blah to get back to a default screenset should yours ever be tried as a trial, not be uninstalled correctly, which is back to the inefficient installer/uninstaller that was present then, i still have the trial install, tried it today and then uninstall, guess what? it doesnt work correctly, have you fixed it in later releases? most likely. even then back to my big complaint the one you wont address, shutting down mach, making me spend or anyone spend time getting back to a screen set to get mach running. i am sure you made sure the uninstaller works now. but the one constant here is you dont reflect, answer, explain and totally ignore, is how you shut down mach because you werent paid for a screenset, as i said before and you keep proving, you dont read the complaint, dont respond to it, but defend how it works.  i know how windows works, had i wanted, i could have overwritten any call to license it. softice, wdasm32 etc, i could write that out easy i dont care about it, i only care that you have no right to have shut down mach, beyond much beyond this uninstall issue. had i left it intact, didnt pay, time expired, then what? go thru all the time BS, to just get my machine running? i should not even have to uninstall msm to get mach running. your claim it only loads to one profile is inaccurate. at least the version i have.  on my test pc, 19 profiles, i loaded msm on that pc today, load up softice, and watch msm come active the moment  i load any profile. my only concern is once again, take the time to ensure your uninstallers work, are efficient, thoroughly clean every file they install, that they unlock the files they locked from mach it should put the system back like any other uninstaller. and again plain simple and maybe im wrong if someone tries it dont buy it, take another 30 minutes, program it to default back to mach screenset control with a flag saying it is, due to non purchase. doing it the way its done, is wrong period. arent many peole trying mach, yet your software turns a licensed version into a trial. a subhect i have watched as this progressed you have ignored..........im done,
Re: Uninstalling MSM
« Reply #11 on: April 29, 2013, 09:59:07 PM »

You stated that MSM kept appearing despite your uninstalling it.

The only logical explanation is that when you open Mach you are using the MSM profile.

I do rembember doing the same thing after de-activating MSM to switch machines.

Out of habit I clicked on the most familiar profile. When I realized my error I simply re-started with Mach's profile.