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Author Topic: Rhino for cad and Madcam for cam  (Read 1728 times)

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Rhino for cad and Madcam for cam
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:07:38 PM »

This is the set-up I think I'm going to end up with for my 5 axis build.

I have a microscribe digitising arm, Rhino4.. now just need to purchase this Madcam. I had the demo but let it expire before really getting to play with it because I was learning Rhino and the Microscribe.

It's a 3+2 right now... but rumors of full simultaneous 5axis is very soon. Maybe even within a couple of months.

There's a guy on CNCzone that uses this in a production machine shop and he says this is almost comparable to his $20k programs!