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Author Topic: Setting up Stepperworld FET-3 with MACH3  (Read 6102 times)

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Setting up Stepperworld FET-3 with MACH3
« on: November 30, 2009, 01:51:44 PM »
I have a Stepperworld FET-3 board that works fine with their little testing program. I cannot figure out how to get anything to happen in MACH3. I did get 2 of the motors to run in Mach Mini Mill but the controls were all wrong. "Z" ran "X", "Y" ran "Z" and "Y" caused a high pitched whine from the "X" motor and caused the "X" and "Z" motors to not run. Tapping the mouse an the jog button made them return to running condition.

I followed the (once again) sketchy and apparently piecemeal scattered information that came with the board but the whole thing just sits there. As I said, the board and motors run fine with the diagnostic program that comes with them.

Has anyone out there actually gotten a FET-3 to work with MACH3 and help me install it. I'm new to CNC and am finding the installation process to be extremely confusing.

Much Mahalos for any help.