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Soft Limits On/Off
« on: June 19, 2009, 11:06:55 AM »
This is interesting.  Anybody know why this happens?

On our router, the tool rack is at the back.  It is a good thing to limit the machine movements so that you can't jog the current tool into the tools in the rack, so I set the soft limits at Y=30.00".  The tools are at Y=34".

Here's the fun part.  The Y-limit is at Y=36.00".  So, if I home the machine with the soft limits set to Y=30.00", I get a reset because I'm out of the soft limit range at the home switches.  So in the VB Script for the "Find Limits" button, I turn off the soft limits, home the machine, move to Y=29.50", and then turn the soft limits back on.  To do that, I poll the LED that tells me if soft limits are active.  If they are active, I turn them off.  Simple - right?

Ah, NO!

To make an output toggle on / off, I set up a USERLED.  I read that it is on or off, and turn the output on / off accordingly, like this:

If GetUSERLED(1017) = 1 Then
ActivateSignal (Output7)
End If

What's that got to do with soft limits?  Well, the Soft Limits toggle is OEMButton(119) and the Soft Limits indicator is OEMLED(23), so I should be able to do this:

If GetOEMLED(23) = 1 Then       'If the Soft Limits LED is lighted
DoOEMButton(119)                   'Toggle the Soft Limits to Off

However, this does not work.  I can use this exact line to read if the light is off and turn the Soft Limits on, but not the other way.  So, here's what I do:

If GetOEMLED(23) = 1 Then
DoOEMButton(119)              'Should turn off the Soft Limits - but it doesn't
DoOEMButton(119)              This time they go off
End If

The above actually works every time, I just don't understand why I have to do it.  Any ideas?
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