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Author Topic: Which first - part or program?  (Read 5993 times)

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Re: Which first - part or program?
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I basically have no need for offsets since 99% of what I do is one-offs. I use two different computers to write my code and try to maintain the same (modified or evolved) post processor but found on close scrutiny that I have been using two different PP's for code. The one that threw me had a G58 X (   ) Y (    ) that I wasn't aware of. So, the offset was there as it was supposed to be but in the wrong place. I have 'standardized' these PP's and just locate the program at 0,0 at the beginning and again at the end.

All I needed to do was lean back so these bi-foculs were being utilized.

Thanks very much for the explanation, and help. Much appreciated!

Bill C.