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Author Topic: Turning on a 3 axis router the 4th axis being a indexing head or a rtating head  (Read 4504 times)

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HI every one
I would like to know if Mach3 will support turning on a 3 axis router,
Using a forth axis as a rotating head
I would mount stock between centers just like on an lathe and then use router to shape stock or flute round columns, or turn a spiral leg or whatever, Just like you were using an ornamental mill will the add-on mill package software support this type of tool path 
any one tried this
thanks rusty

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Hi rusty
I think the answer is yes. I'm getting ready to try the same thing.
I have a long ways to go, as I have to mount my stepper to the
rotary table that I have.
Rather than adding a lot of $$ or equipment I'm just going to start
out by unplugging one of my current axis and use it as a drive for my rotary.
If I have understood all that I have read the 4th axis / A will only do
degrees without a lot of configuration. I'm just going to do a new profile
and that way I can switch back and forth by simply unplugging my motors.
Here is a link to a discussion that has been a big help to me.


Keep us posted at to your progress.
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You just set it as an A axis and then on general config uncheck the Angular for that axis. Depending on your steps per unit then it will rotate to suit. Example if you have a stepper (200 steps) and  a micro step of 10 then set the steps per unit as 2000 in the motor tuning it would do one revolution if you commanded G0A1.
Thanks Hood
I Just discovered this software it looks like it dose the math for
Mach3 users for 4th axis turning ( I don’t know anything at all about it at this time but iwould like to)
Thanks rusty
Check it out at http://www.legacywoodworking.com/
4-Axis CNC Forms
(part no. S4AXISFORMV1)
This spreadsheet allows you to quickly enter parameters to generate G-Code for milling spindles that feature router bit based turnings, flutes, reeds, and spirals such as rope and barley twist. The code is then loaded into Mach 3 to control Legacy's Ornamental Mills with the CNC upgrade.

This Spreadsheet will run in Microsoft Excell or OpenOffice. (OpenOffice is a free program that you can download from www.openoffice.org.)