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Author Topic: NcPod motor tuning  (Read 3626 times)

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NcPod motor tuning
« on: November 28, 2008, 11:14:32 AM »
Hy to everyone.
I'm working around ncpod and his relative mach3 plugin.
In particular i'm not understanding if i need to configure the step for inch paramenter in the board, and if is needed why i can do it!

Reading the code of the plugin in the sdk, it appear to need to do that.

This is the defined  struct GMoves pulled in movements array from the mach3 core:

struct GMoves
 int type;    // 0 is linear, 1 is cubic
 double cx,cy,cz; // center of move for cubics.
 double ex,ey,ez,ea,eb,ec;
 double sx,sy,sz,sa,sb,sc;
 __int64  DDA1[6]; //DDA1's for cubics
 __int64  DDA2[6];
 __int64  DDA3[6];
 double Time;
 bool   Stop;

i think it is containing the start position and the end position not in step unit, but in mm/inches unit.

I'm wrong?

Thanks in advance.