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Author Topic: Updated Jog Remote Pendant from LOGITROL / Version 2a BUDGET (For MACH 2 /3)  (Read 7170 times)

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Totally compatible with MACH 2 Ver: 6 and the latest MACH 3

No USB driver needed works with XP Home or XP Professional (USB and USB 2.0)
Includes 3 metres of 6mm PVC flex.
(Can operate up to 6m in total length with an additional USB 2.0 extention cable)


**Will position 3 /  X Y Z axis,s**
**Direct Program PAUSE / EMEG/STOP commands**
**ON THE FLY Feedrate and JOG speed adjust**
**USB power ON Status indicator**
**Lowcost alternative to any cnc project on a tight budget**

Price $199 USD$

Avaliable at.......... http://www.lowcostcncretrofits.com