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Author Topic: Converting Plasmacam system to run Mach3 - Need XML file & words of wisdom  (Read 9104 times)

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My brother has a Plasmacam system that's getting too expensive to keep burning holes through steel. He's converting it to run a laminate router. But the Plasmacam software doesn't seem to have the flexibility that Mach3 has ( I suggested that he use Mach3).

So, can anyone tell me if they have done this ?

And, can anyone email me an XML configuration file that will get him started ?

I'm at morrow2002@lightspeed.ca

Thanks everyone.
David Morrow
If you can find the pin out I will setup the XML for you :)
Fixing problems one post at a time ;)

A very old thread, but has anyone heard of this being done?  I've just spent days trying to get the software for a 98-Z to run, and it is very unstable on my PC.  No software updates are available for this plasma table from PlasmaCAM. They still have parts, but don't support it in the newer software.

I'm so frustrated with it I'm considering ripping out their control box, and going au-natural....  Two DC motors with encoders, one stepper, and four limit switches (X, Y, Z-up, Z-down).  That's it.

Easiest way is to get the specs on the motors and call Gecko.  They will set you up with drives for your motors and tell you what you need for a power supply.  For a BOB, I like PMDX.  The 122 is simple and inexpensive.  That's pretty much all you need....motor drives, power supply, BOB and Mach3.
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Thanks-  I was able to finally get an old notebook to drive it properly, so my desire to start from scratch has faded.

But it's still on my list of things to do someday.