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Author Topic: Mach 3 turn questions from a very experianced mach 3 mill guy (bobcad user)  (Read 3971 times)

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I get how to set z zero, but I can not tell, is x zero from the center of the part?  Or "touched" at the outside diameter?  Can someone please call me at 512-656-2357 and answer a couple of rudimentary questions I have about mach 3 turn?  I have been running my CNC lathe as a "mill" for the past few months, and I've decided this week that I will start running my lathe as a lathe using mach 3 turn.

here is my lathe being run from mach 3 MILL!


It does not show it in the video, but because of the limitations of mach 3 mill/ bobcad, I have to cut a lot of air, in order to start cutting down into the part so I don't cut too much material in one pass.  I have it in my head that with lathe software, I would be able to keep the tool in the part more and cut my time down for each part.

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X zero for a lathe is spindle centre, ie when your DRO reads 30mm it should cut 30mm dia (presuming you are in Dia mode ;)  )


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Hi, Shawn

Hears the screen set I was talking about.


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HI Shawn,
Here is a simple file created from the OD TURNING WIZARD (SHAWN_TURN which shows values and has some comments in green),
the gcode file as generated by the wizard ( SHAWN_.TXT), and values added into the DRO for the axis position and part zero ( SHAWN_TURNmt). The gcode just turns a 1" dia stock down to 0.5" dia using only a few cuts with no finishing cut for simplicity.

As discussed, if you draw it in diameter mode and generate code from bobcad ( which i know nothing about) then work in diameter
mode in mach turn so there is no confusion. You can set diameter mode in Mach Turn via Config>ports&pins>turn options by putting  a check in the x mode  / diameter box.

Take a few moments and look at the code, note the G90 in the first line and also the first GO move in the 3rd liine.

Dry run the file in Mach Turn. Better than words, I want you to dry running it  a few ways. Watch the tool path on the screen.

1. run the file using 1.000" for x Axis position.( just as shown in the screen shot SHAWN_TURNmt)
2.     "            "      0.000"        "
Go back into the config anad change the x mode to RADIUS
3. run with values as 1. above
4. run with values as 2. above
change back to diameter mode
now change values for the part zero say 1.00" for both and rerun 1. above