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Re: AXYZ CNC router conversion
« Reply #10 on: February 16, 2011, 06:55:16 PM »
Just a little update.

 I finally have got a little time to fool with my router. Here is what I have come up with for anyone in the future looking for similar info. And it's nothing out of this world, but being a newb it's like a huge breakthrough.

 I was taking things apart trying to dissect whatever I could to understand what I had. The biggest thing I found out was that the drivers are Intelligent motion systems IM-483 step drivers. Once I had that, I went about getting the schematics and pdf's for them. All of which can be found on their website. At first I contacted them and was told that they no longer service the processor that I identified, but after another e-mail to them I was pointed in the right direction. For anyone needing that information in the future, here ya go.

 In order to just work my way through to try and get it up and running, I am not using a BOB or interface of any sort at the moment. But I am working on that now. Just for a better and protected installation.

Anyway, the long and short of it is this. This was EXTREMELY easy to do. I basically disconneted the AXYZ processor and wired my parellel port to the drivers like any other driver. I grabbed a 25 pin parellel port end and soldered all my little connections on there. Then moving to the drivers I completely left the P2 (left side) bank alone and left it wired as it was. The P1 bank on the right of each driver. I pulled out the 4 wires from the AXYZ board and I merely re-wired pins 2-3 as shown in the pdf. Bam, that was simple. I then went and followed the Mach3 PDF for set up and tuning and so far so good. I was not sure if there were any limit switches on the mahine at first, but upon closer inspection there are proximity sensors on it and I will tie in to those for proper installment. Should be fairly straight forward.

Again, I know that would have been super easy for most of you veteran guys out there, but this was like speaking chinese to me. So I am really happy to have gotten it to this point. Now I need to purchase a full version of MACH, a BOB, and some CAD/CAM software and learn how to use this machine.
Re: AXYZ CNC router conversion
« Reply #11 on: December 08, 2011, 07:45:34 PM »
My name is Eduardo, I read about the conversion of the forum AXYZ Mach3.
I live in Sao Paulo Brazil and I have two and sometimes AXYZ Millennium
I have problems.

One had to replace the inverter frequency by a Vacon brand,
was good, but operates independently.

I put an on / off switch and a potentiometer to adjust the rotation of the spindle.

Now I need to replace the flash memory card. When I turn on the machine she does not read
the memory.

The price of the card in AXYZ Burlignton in Canada, $ 580 .... and FEDEX
and fees here in Brazil ... $ 1,400 total ... too expensive

I think it's just a common memory and that maybe I could adapt
a pen drive or similar, but not tried anything yet.

Another problem I had was the communication interface of the PC to the machine,
but I use the entry rs 485 machine, using a common drive,
built nearby, RS232 to RS485 converter.

A former representative of AXYZ here in Brazil is selling many machines
China and ofecere switch control of the axes with the Chinese electronics
asking $ 2300 and maybe I do it because AXYZ prices seem high.

In theory I see no difficulty turning the motors with other controllers
but I'm researching best to make sure.