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Author Topic: Stepper motor make a lot of noise  (Read 3117 times)

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Stepper motor make a lot of noise
« on: August 14, 2008, 03:52:46 PM »

Hi, I bought 2 of these stepper driver. ( for my double screws X axis)


I also have one CW250 stepper driver (for the Y axis, no noise, run very smooth)


The two from kelingic technologies make a lot of noise.(A loud Hiiissssss)

1- What mean, CP+ and CP- and CW+ andCW-. (I know that this is steps and direction)
    The KL6050 receive step and dir to the minus pin , CP- and CW- (CP+ and CW+ are at 5 volts)
    The CW250 receive step and dir to the positive pins CP+ and CW+ (CP- and CW- are at ground)

Can I swap those connection, try to connect the KL6050(the one that make a lot of noise) and send signal to the CP+ and CW+ pins and ground CP- and CW- to test


Note: I have swapped driver to test and it is really the driver


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Re: Stepper motor make a lot of noise
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2008, 08:08:31 PM »
Hi, Ostie01

Set your "Step/Dir Pulses" to 5 in Motor Tuning, CP -,  CW -, to P-Port Gnd. and CP +,  CW + to Step, Direction pin's.

Set your Steps Per to 2000 , Velocity to 20, Accl to 5, for a Test, Have some similar to these.

Hope this Helps, Chip