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Sliders now in Mach
« on: May 24, 2006, 09:11:47 AM »
While they are not greatly customisable they are a good start.
Thanks Art for doing this.

Hi All:

 Version .038 is online.

 It has

1) LazyCam 2.0  (bug fixes)
2) Simple Slider control for FRO.

  The slider control is a modified DRO. Screen4 will be updated shortly to
allow for you to add them. To change a DRO to a slider DRO (mainly for touch
screen people), you simply modify its format string.

 The format string for a DRO is usually somethign like this:


  This means 3digits, then 2 decimals in any DRO. It can be modified to
create a slider as in the latest relases FRO by doing this to the format

STDL5H250%3.0f (which is what Im using for this slider. The Meaning of the
Letters are:

S - Create a TouchScreen Slider
T - Put any DRO on top of the slider. If no T is on the line, any DRO will
appear at the bottom
D - Add a digital DRO to the top or bottom
L5  - minimum of 5 in the slider
H250 - max value of slider is 250
%3.0f - DRO will have 3 digits.

  You must "skin" a slider, the image will be the actual slider graphic.
This will be enhanced at some point, but seems functional at the moment.
This will allow a rapid use of Jog% or FRO or any DRO value (including User
DRO's) to be changed to touchscreen control. This eliminates another use of
the mouse for those that have that requirement.



Re: Sliders now in Mach
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2006, 05:06:11 PM »
This is a great idea for things like the feedrate and spindle speed, will have to give it a try out tomorrow on my mill rather than just mesiing with it on the home computer. As a side note I downloaded Screen 4 from the website as it says it is version 1.5 but all I get in the download is 1.2. Is the new version that will allow the additions of sliders on the site yet?