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Author Topic: Flash "Smart Label list"...............and NEW FLASH PLUG IN!!!!  (Read 8591 times)

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This is a list, of translations of VB smart labels to the Flash equivelents, as of this Date 17June08.

ART, has updated the Flash plugin, to support the below the Smart Labels below. The Plug in is here to, for now, until Brian or who ever can get this plug in, added to the Official Flash Plug in download page.
You will need to install the new plugin for this Lathe screens "Smart Labels" to work. If you dont want to update to this Flash Plug in, then stick with the last Update below, it was done the old way, the code was left in the source but commented out. The Native "Smart labels" react Much, Much, Much faster than the watching an LED change code did.

Here is the Flash translation code for the use of Smart Labels:

FLASH Smart Labels:

This will show the VB Smart Label and the Flash way of doing it. (Dynamic text box in the var label). Except MDI, is a movie.

VB Label:      Flash Label

"MDI"      MDI_mov
"COSYS"      _root.Cosys
"TOOLDESC"   _root.ToolDesc
"UNITREVMIN"   _root.UnitRev
"UserLabel#"   _root.USERLABEL#
"Error"      _root.StatusLine
"RADDIA"      _root.RadDia
"Mode"      _root.Mode
"Profile"      _root.Profile
"File"      _root.FileName

Work Around Stuff:

"Ticker#”       You will have to do your ticker in Flash set on a event

"INMM"      you will have to watch an led for this on a userlabel

"FRNTREAR"   you will have to watch an led for this on a userlabel

Non Applicable stuff:

"Desc"      N/A (only for screen 3 and 4 stuff)
"Author"      N/A (only for screen 3 and 4 stuff)

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