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Author Topic: Help with spindle speed control for Mini Lathe  (Read 14453 times)

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Re: Help with spindle speed control for Mini Lathe
« Reply #10 on: April 26, 2009, 02:05:07 PM »
If you are referring to the up and down buttons in the Spindle Speed panel on the program run page, then no they did not have any effect for me but then that was several versions ago and I was having trouble with the whole speed control issue anyway.

What revision of Mach was that? As far as I am aware the SRO and FRO have been sliders for a long time rather than buttons. You may be using a custom screen rather than the standard and in that case then that may be why it did not work as the buttons may not be asigned properly. I myself use my own screens and have buttons for overrides but also use analogue inputs and pots for FRO/SRO

Re: Help with spindle speed control for Mini Lathe
« Reply #11 on: April 26, 2009, 09:58:28 PM »
 I was just looking at your website. I think that the DC-02 is the way that I want to go.  Can you tell me what options would be best for me, the lathe that I have is a Clarke 7x12 Mini lathe. I used the the Ron Steele CNC conversion Instructions and ordered the recommended proximity sensor from Euro Spec #is12-y4-n-oc. I just want to be sure that I will not run into any problems with the wiring. Also I plan on using the Smooth Stepper, will that be any problem?

I also think that I want to use the existing manual speed contron knob, and the dc-dc converter, also the led not on the board.  What do you think would be best, you know allot more than me.


Hi Tom,

The DC-02 is a good way to go. You need to decide wow you want to mount it. If you have the optional switch, indicator leds and pot mounted on the DC-02 board, then it needs to be mounted so that these components protrude through a front panel. If the DC-02 is to be mounted inside a CNC controller, then the switch, Leds and manual pot are connected to the DC-02 via flying leads.

If you let me know how and where you want to mount it, I can advise on the best configuration.

As to the Smoother Stepper, it works fine with the DC-02.

The proximity sensor, requires 12V as it's supply and provides a 12V output. You can still use it by not feeding it through the DC-02. (note, the DC-02 does not need the index sensor to be connected to it. It is just to conveniently feed the index signal to your breakout board via the DC-02 mini-din cable). The DC-02 is designed for a 5V index sensor such as the Omron EE-SY672. Have a look at the engineering note. http://www.homanndesigns.com/EN001.pdf

If you want to use the proximity sensor through the DC-02, you will need to provide a voltage divider to reduce the 12V output of the sensor to 5V.



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Re: Help with spindle speed control for Mini Lathe
« Reply #12 on: April 27, 2009, 08:36:51 AM »
Thanks, Peter.  I think I will mount it in the controller, not on the lathe itself, I think it will be easier that way. Please advise on what setup would be best.  Also are there "novice' Wiring Diagrams for the hookup that I can look at?