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Author Topic: Problem with M03 & G31 Probe over shooting surface switch  (Read 3792 times)

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Problem with M03 & G31 Probe over shooting surface switch
« on: April 18, 2007, 08:13:36 AM »
Hi All,

I've been trying for the last 3 days to get Mach3 using the THC300 Boards and Breakout Boards from Sound Logic to use the M03 supplied from Bobs web site to touch off the top of the plate,At first i had some issues with the g28.1 way ,which i want to use my machine limits and soft limits so my machine don't hurt itself or Crash, So i went  to the M03 way to use the Probe command to find the top of the meterial,account for the switch travel,zero the dro,and move up to the cutting height.I  want to start cutting,I zero out the X ,Y ,Z Work offsets ,Hit cycle start, X & Y Move to there position ,Z axis rapids travels down to cut height,Goes into the M03,which starts the probe command G31 Code" Z-8"  Z Axis moves down -8" or switch closes which ever is first,this far I'm fine. 

Here is the real problem ,if I Ref'd Z 0.0 say 1" to 8 " off of the plate the Z Axis starts to  move down trying to find the switch or 8 " and it does ,then once the switch closes the Z Axis takes forever to come to a stop(say about 1") ,now it goes through the code and tryies to brings the Z back from where it ramped to a stop,instead of where the switch closed back up switch travel ,Zero DRO and tryies to start the torch with the tip on the plate. (i have a floating head z axis which closes a switch when on surface)

Motor tuning has no effect on when the switch is closed on the amount of time it takes to ramp to a stop like one might have thought,Is there a setting for this time somewhere ? Also if no feed is given like  G31 Code"Z-8F20"What feed does it use,Max speed under motor tuning? I Tryied a Slow feed and it still over shoots.

I have changed my Z Axis motor tuning to have no ramp at all and still the same problem,if I ref out very close to the surface before I start, it is some what better but don't work the way it is supposed to and still over shoots about 1\2" and  leavestorch tip on the plate but when the switch closes it doesn't over shoot as much as it didn't have much time travel I guess.

Will I have to use a custom made Probe Cmd  like some have been asking about for tool length Zeoring under Mach Support http://www.artsoftcontrols.com/forum/index.php?topic=2136.0

Also I have some other questions if some one could help?

1. Where can I find updated reading meterial for the OemCodes and Other updated Info on how mach works ? I've tryied WIKI and there old stuff.

2. A newer updated manual for Mach3 would be nice,to show what certin buttons do under general config , Ports and Pins mill options,and The Standard Mach3 Screen .Set. It would be nice to read through this and it would answer alot of peoples question I'm sure ::)  But I know how busy Art is ,Always Upgrading Mach and it's Features :)
Re: Problem with M03 & G31 Probe over shooting surface switch
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2007, 11:11:54 PM »
Well I fixed the problem ;D,it was in the M03 macro,Bob's web sits has wrong M03 macro >:( which don't work, wrong probe code so I fixed it,works the way it should now.
Thanks anyway

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Re: Problem with M03 & G31 Probe over shooting surface switch
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2009, 05:24:47 AM »
Hi Erik,
How did you change Bob's M03 macro?