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Author Topic: Need a quick answer regarding cutter comp.  (Read 2489 times)

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Need a quick answer regarding cutter comp.
« on: May 01, 2008, 02:07:37 PM »
Hi there,
I can't seem to figure out what should be a simple thing.
I'm cutting a circular pocket 1.575" in diam.
I need to make it 1.580"; trying to use cutter comp. and can't get it to
Here is the g-code program.

G0 G49 G40  G17 G80 G50 G90
M6 T1(TOOL DIA.0.625)
G20 (Inch)
G00 G43 H1  Z0
X0 Y0
G01 Z0  F3
G3 Y0 X0.125 R0.625
Y0 X-0.125 R0.125
Y0 X0.25 R0.1875
Y0 X-0.25 R0.25
Y0 X0.375 R0.3125
Y0 X-0.375 R0.375
Y0 X0.4725 R0.4238
Y0 X-0.4725 R0.4725
X0.4725 Y0 R0.4725
Y0.2 X0.2725 R0.2
G00 Z0 x0 y0
M5 M9

Can anyone clue me in on how to accomplish this please.
Re: Need a quick answer regarding cutter comp.
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2008, 03:27:15 PM »
You need to enable it with G41 or G42 you HAVE enabled tool length G43 only

The first line cancels the tool offset "G40"

Make sure you cancel all offsets at the end of the program

The full list of codes is next to the big red reset button  ;D ;D ;D

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