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Author Topic: Sketchup 3D to STL to Gcode  (Read 12091 times)

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Sketchup 3D to STL to Gcode
« on: March 26, 2008, 01:51:36 PM »
I have many 3D drawing packages at my work.  AutoCad Mechanical Desktop,  Autodesk Inventor, etc., and yet the easiest package to quickly create a 3D object is the free Google Sketchup.  There is a ruby script written for sketchup that converts the file to a .STL file.  (Still free to this point)

There is a free program called freemill distributed by Mechsoft that converts the .STL to gcode that is ready for Mach3.

Indeed it all works.  I drew a quick 3D shape in Sketchup, exported as STL, converted to gcode and ran it in Mach3.

The question I have for this forum is whether there are any other free free converters of STL to gcode.  Better yet, is there anyone here on the forum that is good with ruby scripts and might be interested in writing a ruby to directly export gcode from sketchup.