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Emco compact 6 retrofit
« on: March 22, 2008, 11:13:09 AM »
Hi people, I have a Emco cnc lathe that I like to retrofit,I want to know if beter use a servo motor in the spindle or use the factory motor,what is the best choice for the servo motors and drives.here are some fotos Thanks Luis.
Re: Emco compact 6 retrofit
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2008, 06:18:30 PM »
Hi Luis
have a search on the forum and you will find my posts which are about a similar machine (120P)

from your pics I can see the Berger Lahr 5 phase steppers, they are incredibly strong and are run of 100V drivers (Emco)
as mine where OK I opted to leave the drive and steppers in the machine, I simply soldered a LS7407 on a breakout board and send it stepping signals
it comes with an drive overload at 3600mm/min  ;D
They are noisy though....

the spindle motor is a Siemens again incredibly strong and fast (3Krpm) the DC drive should be Emco you need 3 phase mains for that to run
you can obtain DC drivers for it, but they are quite costly, and if they are signle phase feed they only come to 190V which only gives you half the speed (1500RPM)
So here I opted for a standard 3 phase AC 4 pole motor to be run from a single phase inverter, get a good matched pair and crank it up to 80Hz and your back at
around the 3000 RPM on the head (All be it with reduced torque), at 50Hz you get about 1500
In the UK you can get a 2.2Kw set for about 500 pounds

I am Currently designing the controls for this with a cubloc as there are so many signals to deal with
current tally is 2 LPT ports and 36 signals on the cubloc..... but then my whichlist is big
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