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Mechatrolink support
« on: March 17, 2008, 08:56:39 PM »

Are there any plans to include mechatrolink support in Mach3?

I'm working with industrial automation in various application geared towards servo applications. I've been working with lots of different products: smart drives, dumb drives and lots of different brands. In one project I was using Yaskawa drives and an Omron Trajexia motion controller. What I really liked about the concept was the mechatrolink bus. It saves hours on wiring, it is easy to setup and use and makes the build cleaner anything I've experienced before. An upcoming project is a CNC routing machine that will cut grooves for hinges and locks in doors. It was in the process of sourcing hardware/software for the project, I found out about Mach3. The Mach3 concept is ideal for my project but I can see some definite problems with the hardware support.

* Most of the supported hardware that is supported by Mach3 is not CE:ed.
* Most of the supported hardware doesn't seem to be distributed in Europe.

I have seen support for this mechatrolink interface card in other CNC software: http://www.yaskawa.com/site/dmcontrol.nsf/link2/TKUR-6BVJ4N/$file/SIEPC88070017B.pdf

Here are some mechatrolink products: http://www.mechatrolink.org/en/products/MMAproducts_en.pdf