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Author Topic: PROBLEM WITH MOVING TO LIMITS  (Read 3601 times)

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« on: May 09, 2006, 04:17:07 PM »
I am a new user of MACH 3 and I have got some problems to move my machine to the limits and to import convert to G code from dxf files and make the machine run with it.
Regarding the first problem, I have my machine set up inputs outputs   and tuning my motors speeds and run properly, but when I press the home button the DROs becomes to zero but the machine does not move to the limits.
Regarding the second problem , I move my machine manually and I run the example Gcode  “roadrunner” given by the program very good ,but when I run the g code converted from DXF file made by myself with AutoCAD the machine runs very slowly almost step by step.
Also cant scale, can’t change the values at the scale right next to the RDOs
My computer clock behaves abnormal and after wile I run the program the pulse frequency at the diagnostics drops from 2500 to 900 without the program doing anything.

I would really appreciate any kind of help
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2006, 06:17:16 PM »
I'm not an expert but, I'll give a couple of your problems a try...

When you try and go to the home position does which direction does your machine move?  Perhaps you need to check the Home Neg box under Config->Homing/Limits

When you run the G-Code you converted from DXF did you set a Feed Rate?  You probably are runing at the default value that appears when Mach3 Starts.  This value is 6 (on my machine) and that is slow.  Try changing the F value in the Feed Rate section of the screen.

You can not change the scale in the DRO's you are referring to.  You need to do it with a G51 Command in your program file.  If you want it bigger you have to add something like this G51 X1.1 Y 1.1      Don't include Z if you are happy with the cutting depth.

Computer Clock Problems I think happen when you have Quicktime (QTtaskj) installed/runing on your machine.  Kill it and things should be better.  If that doesn't work, you should probably run the optimization file that you can get at the Artsoft site.

Hope that helps.  Good Luck.

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Thank you Sid for your reply

After I press home button my machine don’t move at all only zeroes DROs
I read this (OK, got it to work, I had home switches set only, needed to have limits set as well) but don’t understand it looks like I have the same problem.
What is (debouce)  ?
You right about feed rate but I change it and when I run the program change back to 3 again. Ok for the scale.
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WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  After asking for advice from others for about 2 months now, I am VERY HAPPY to be able to finally help someone else!  Cool!   ;D

I think you should download/watch the video on the macsupport.com site for Homing and Limits.  It's a good video and you will learn a lot about it in 20 minutes!

There is another thread on debounce (try a search for debounce).  Quick explanation, it helps to move your'e machine OFF of the home switch after you reach the home position.  My machine would go home and get stuck on the home switch instead of moving a little bit off of the switch.  If you're sitting on the home switch, you have a problem and need to fix it (maybe with debounce).

The whole dxf to g-code conversion is a  pretty magical and mysterious process to me.  But, I can tell you that I have noiticed when I have converted things, it treats the feed rate for X & Y different than the Z (Cutter up/down) axis.  Usually it asks you (when you are converting) for the feed rate for X & Y and the Z is a separate feed rate value.  Usually you can enter these values and the converter will add these values into the converted code.  It makes things a little confusing if you;re a beginner but it's cool to have it do that for you later when you want to have that control.

Anyway, when I first started, I wanted to keep everything simple so, I just used the edit G-Code button, went to the edit menu and did a find & replace and changed the F value to what I wanted it to be. 

Example...  If the F value for X & Y = 3, you will probably see this over and over in the G-Code something like

G01 X5.25 Y 2.00 F3.00  and if the F value for the Z axis = 1 you will see stuff like this..

G01 Z -.05 F1.00

To change I would use the replace and look for F3.00 and replace it with F40.00.  Do a replace all and it will change all the F values.  You can then do the same for the Z.

Sorry for the long explanation but I don't know how else to say/type it.

Hope that helps,
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Thank you Sid for your reply

You put me at the right way i am homing and importing dxf ok and scaling .
thank you very mach
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AWESOME!  Happy I could help!

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Good work Sid  8)
Fixing problems one post at a time ;)