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Author Topic: Need troubleshooting help...servo runway problem  (Read 2356 times)

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Need troubleshooting help...servo runway problem
« on: February 24, 2008, 04:12:10 PM »

I started mach3 and the machine. As soon as the power is applied to the
system. All three axes took off on their own. I just did a mach3 driver
test and it seems to be fine. I`ve been using the machine with no
problems for a long time. I have not made any recent changes to the
Mach3 config file. I have the sound logic breakout board and the sound
logic encoder interface board.
I tested the encoder board and its recieving 115 volts and its
providing 5 volts at its marked terminals.
I want to test the parellel ports but an uncertain how to go about it.
Its diffcult to test the geckos because of the runaway problem. I`m
totally lost big time.



Re: Need troubleshooting help...servo runway problem
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2008, 07:46:43 PM »
Barry you are looking at the wrong part. You need to test the input to the servo encoders check it with your volt meter to grnd you should have 5vdc. If not look for a fuse blown .

NOW are you sure you have not changed anything before you started having problems?? If not the you need to look at the power to the motor encoders that is the only thing that will cause all 3 motors to run away at power up.

If you disconnect the pc from the drives will it still run away when you power up the machine?

DID your machine come fully assembled of have you built it from a kit, or from scratch?

(;-) TP
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