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Author Topic: IDT4, Integrated motor-servo drive with modbus, Ok for Mach3?  (Read 2890 times)

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IDT4, Integrated motor-servo drive with modbus, Ok for Mach3?
« on: January 24, 2008, 04:54:47 PM »
Gentleman and Ladies:

I'm impressed with the size of the community around Artsoft, and Mach products. Congratulations.

My question is about the suitability of this integrated motor-servo drive. This servo has RS-485 modbus (also Canopen) as network. Also has a
set of 4 inputs and three outputs.  Functionality for I/O is programable, but basic configuration includes:
1- Enable, 2-Homing (if not absolute encoder), 3-Positioning A, 4-Positioning B

There is a set of registers for Position A, Position B, Speed, Acceleration, and PID parameters. Total registers 16
There is a simple protocol to write the values to the drive.

The unit uses 48 V/24V. Speed 3000 rpm-1000 rpm. Torque 2.1-7.0 NM. Power 260W.

According with my little knowledge of Mach3 it sounds as a possible match.

I wonder if this product would be helpfull for this community?

IDT4 is being offerd in USA by AMK Drives & Controls www.amkdrives.com.
I'm an Applications engineer for AMK Drives & Controls.

Don't hesitate to contact me if there is any interest.

Best regards