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MPG/MODIO performance
« on: January 15, 2008, 01:24:54 PM »
GOOD morning fellas,   Lately I have  noticed a
huge declind in the MPG/Modio performance of mach.

I used to be able to turn 10 clicks of the mpg and it would move to
that exact location and ten clicks back would return the same amount.
IT did not matter how fast or slow I did it.
Great for setups.THat is why I have it(;-)

Today if I move more than 1 or two clicks Mach goes brain dead an
forgets where to go. I have to click wait a sec click wait a second.
It is as MACH looses track of the clicks and stops.?????? Very
frustrating doing setups I have to pay more attention to mach and the
mpg than I do to the setting up of the part.

If I need to change a setting please tell me where to look. I have reset all aspects of the jog/MPG pull out window with the  same results.

I can use the keyboard to do the same functions and see no problem what so every.

HAS something changed in the way MACH uses the MODIO that could effect the MPG mode?????

Nothing here has changed, Hardware and  Macro exactly the same as it was when it worked great.

Thanks (;-) TP

(;-) TP

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Re: MPG/MODIO performance
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2008, 04:42:48 PM »
What version of Mach are you running?

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