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Author Topic: Toggle G94-95 On Turn Screen  (Read 2284 times)

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Toggle G94-95 On Turn Screen
« on: December 14, 2007, 03:54:29 PM »
In M3 Turn, when using a wizard, sometimes I would like to change G94 to G95 and the feed rates accordingly.
I load the wizard then post the code. Then click the edit button on the AUTO screen and change G94 to G95 and save.
If I have to return to the wizard to make any adjustments, when posting the code afterwards it goes back to G94.
Edit again to G95 and all is well.
I cannot find a more convenient way. Is there one ?
Can a toggle button be put on the screen for this ?
I guess it could be permanently changed in the wizard itself, but I don't want to chance messing it up.

Another thing.....M3Turn Auto screen, top center just below the elapsed time is LOOP +#.
I cannot find anything in the manual for this.
I thought maybe it would repeat the current program by the entered value. I tried LOOP 5, cycle start and it cycled once and reset the 5 to 0.


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Re: Toggle G94-95 On Turn Screen
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2007, 09:58:21 AM »
No - I don't see how you can just toggle between G94 and G95.  Most of the Macro for the wizards will be written in Visual Basic and the line for G94 might be something like:

If so-and-so < this-and-that then Code "G94 S"&a+b

The G94 is hard written into the program. The G Code is printed when all the variables are entered and the program is finally run. The program is not written in G Code and then the variables added as you enter them.

What you could do is open the program and insert some extra lines - altering the program using If Then - something like

and later on
If X=0 then Code"G94 S500"
If X>0 then Code"G95 etc etc"

Whilst you are filling in the variables then you tick a box or whatever to indicate which you want G94 or G95 - or even more cleverly have a DRO for G94Feedrate and one for G95 Feedrate and it automatically write the correct code dependent on which box you have filled in. (the other being left at 0)

I'm not sure about LOOP - does it count the number of loops in canned cycle operations - i@m not sure.


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