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Novamill Test
« on: November 12, 2007, 01:46:02 PM »
I have posted a short video of my little Novamill doing a test run.


It was originally fitted with a CNC4PC C11 Ver 3 breakout board but this had troubles talking to my Routout drivers. A C11G board cured the problem. Arturo Duncan sent me his new C11 Ver 5.3 board and this is the test code I am using :-

N10 G90
N20 G21
N30 G94
N40 M98  L10 P123
N1000 M30

G00 x5y-5z5
G00 x-5y5z-5


The main code is just acting as a counter for the subroutine which exercises XY and Z simultaneously plus and minus 5mm.
Getting all the DTI's lined up for a video was more difficult than writing the code!
Speeds  - X 2.27m/min Y 2.04m/min Z 1.08 m/min. Mach3 is running at 45kHz. The Z is slow because it is not counterbalanced.