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Functionality idea
« on: February 18, 2008, 09:15:49 PM »
Hi Guys

I've been watching this and other threads with great interest (now I really need to get my machine finished).

I had a bit of an idea last night which you may or may not have thought of as a functionality / feature for you plug in.

If you can set a pixel position of the laser line once you set tool height and save this as a tool offset you have a non contact material height sensor.
If you add edge detection you can find the material X,Y (0,0)

For the edge detection I would think you would want 2 laser lines at 90 degrees to each other or possibly a single one at 45 degrees to the workpiece. In the first instance (2 lasers) you would look for a drop in height of each, in the later (single beam), the line will get shorter and shorter until it drops off.

What ya think?


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