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Author Topic: Can't run macro, but it works when the code is copied onto a button onscreen  (Read 266 times)

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So I made an m6 command using luars, mach 4 won't run the command unless the line: rs232 = require("luars232") is commented out. and it does run when I run the code from the editor of mach4. This tells me luars ddl is working correctly and the m6 has no capital syntax errors. When i copy the code of the m6 command into a onscreen button it works as well. I now want to either press the onscreen button from the m6 command, or find the reason it wont run: rs232 = require("luars232").

Thanks :)
do you have a test to determine whether the required module is already open? I seem to recal that if you attempt to open a module that is already open
it is a fault.

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