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Author Topic: mach3 and galil will rockl  (Read 2856 times)

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mach3 and galil will rockl
« on: November 01, 2007, 10:43:17 PM »
 hi brian,
great you are getting galil and mach working better,I ran mach and the g100 for a while,now want to try the galil and analogue(+,-10 volt amps)can mach handle a start and feed hold momentarty push buttons and a feed oover ride knob(maybe a pot)would be great,thats what i missed most on mach,i am looking at copley brushless amps(could you give me advice,not sure to do analogue,or digital with (10 volt from motion card)and what watt servos for direct(no reduction)on bridgeport machine 1000watt?,
                          keep up the good work,  patrick