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Author Topic: ESS Stuff. Mostly the safety bits please.  (Read 1013 times)

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ESS Stuff. Mostly the safety bits please.
« on: January 24, 2023, 05:00:24 PM »
Running my machine that is always undergoing some form of modification I think I am on REV8 by now. My workshop flooded 6 months ago. Instead of spending the insurance money on new cabinets I bought a new ESS Smoothstepper/Mach 4 deal, and a Chinese 6kw ATC Spindle. Yep. Everything is working so far (phew). I did have to completely rewire my control box(s). And document it so when I die someone can fix it haha

Ok so this ATC I have been told if I run it without a toolholder locked in that I will end up running inside with a QBL because it will damage the ATC. So I have designed in several safety locks to avoid this. QBL = Quivering Bottom Lip.  Currently it will be just a quick change for me. My questions:

VFD is a new BD600. I am setting up the safety interlocks as per below I just cant confirm exactly what options to use on the VFD.

1: On tool unlock, 24+v applied to control K1, a DIN relay to close the contact between VFD input pin S.2/GND. S.2 will become high, I can only think to set the VFD response to the high pin S.2 to "External Stop"

2: On tool lock signal, 24+v applied to K2, K2 will then close the circuit allowing "enable run" from Mach 4 to VFD.

3: Tool eject 24v power circuit runs through an internal VFD NC relay to GND. Closed contact RB/RC by VFD when in stop condition. The setting for this be "zero-speed running 2 (no output at stop)" Its the only one that makes sense but this relay closes as soon as you hit the stop button with the spindle slowing down.  I cant find anything better in the settings.

4: I have purchased a pneumatic pressure switch. With the thought that If there is air pressure in the ATC pneumatic line to change a tool, that this switch will input a "stop" to the VFD through one of the input pins.

Am I making sense? Too much? Too little? My VFD input and output settings attached. I guess I am keen to know how others have setup safety interlocks. Unfortunately the tool unlock is a + signal so is not safe on power down.

Anyways. Safety first and look forward to some feedback
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