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Author Topic: Need Help To Prepare for conversion of Losmandy G11 to AstroEQ  (Read 10135 times)

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Need Help To Prepare for conversion of Losmandy G11 to AstroEQ
« on: November 25, 2022, 03:59:25 AM »
Hi All

Would appreciate if any fellow members here has had the experience of doing the conversion of a standard (non-Gemini) G11 mount over to AstroEQ.

Tom, thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order (shipped almost the moment payment was received!) and am awaiting RM <->Austpost delivery soon.

1) What Nema 17 motors and what kind of rating please
2) Was thinking of coupling the steppers directly to the worm shaft with a flexible coupler rather than belt drives and gears - good idea or bad? Was thinking of this one: https://www.oyostepper.com/goods-51-Nema-17-Stepper-Motor-Bipolar-18-deg-60Ncm-85ozin-064A-10V-42x42x60mm-4-Wires.html
3) How about this one? : https://www.oyostepper.com/goods-292-Nema-17-Stepper-Bipolar-L%3D33mm-w-Gear-Ratio-5-1-Small-Planetary-Gearbox.html which has a 5:1 planetary gear set up.

Hopefully would get some feedback to this as am prepping in readiness for the arrival of the controller due very soon.

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