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Another xbox 360 game pad issue
« on: October 09, 2022, 06:01:13 PM »
This probably shouldn't be a new thread, but I didn't want to resuscitate a dinosaur thread either.  So here goes.

I've been using the excellent Lee Davis plugin for mach 3 under windows 7 64 with a real xbox 360 wired controller.  It's been working fine and I've had no issues until now.  Yesterday I got an error I've never seen before about there being a problem with the analog sticks and disabling them.  They are getting a little sticky so to speak and sometimes it will hang on a slow jog, so it wasn't surprising I guess.  I cleaned it out and ran the windows "calibrate" utility under the devices and printers gamepad item in the control panel.  Everything centered up and stopped bouncing around so I went back to try it in mach 3.  The error is gone, but the plugin no longer responds to anything from the gamepad.  Neither stocks nor buttons work at all.

I downloaded the newer? drivers from windows update. Didn't help.  I downloaded the old xbox_64eng installer, bupkis.  I reinstalled reinstalled Mach 3.  That also didn't help.  It is worth noting that when I copied my xml and macro folder over, my system restored seemingly perfectly, except now my homing routine (despite still being set at 15%) is going less than 1/2" per minute... No idea what that's about.  I do use a UC300eth, but I reinstalled that as well.  If I rename my backup directory back to mach3 everything is normal again.  Don't know if that has any diagnostic value or not.

It's worth noting that when I copy my preferences back, my previous configuration preferences for the gamepad plugin re-emerge.  I don't know where they're hiding, maybe in the actual profile xml?  I'll have to check.  I am also having the hardware id and vendor id issue where it won't take the new settings.  I hit enter, and when I open the config menu again, they are back to 0x0000.  I don't know if that's part of my problem or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I actually really prefer the game pad to the mpg and I have setups to finish today for tomorrow.  Yikes!

Thanks in advance!