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Author Topic: VistaCNC P4-S MPG Is Slow in V Mode  (Read 745 times)

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VistaCNC P4-S MPG Is Slow in V Mode
« on: July 14, 2022, 12:07:54 PM »
Hello - I have a CNC router with an XHC controller and I'm running Mach3 on Windows 10.
I'm in the process of setting things up and everything seems to be running fine except my MPG (VistaCNC P4-S) hand wheel only jogs at roughly 1/3 of the set jog speed. I'm in V mode, so I believe it should reach the maximum jog rate but it does not. If I use the on-screen virtual MPG buttons, or the keyboard arrows, I reach 350 in/min. If I use the hand P4-S hand wheel, even in V mode, the speed seems to be capped at around 100 in/min. Both feedrate, and FRO are set to 350 in/min on the jog screen, and there don't seem to be any settings anywhere that should be holding it back. Could there be a USB communication speed setting somewhere limiting the P4-S pulse speed? Anyone have any suggestions/ideas? The fact that Vista made this a "plug&play" product means the normal MPG settings and calibrations in Mach3 are inactive, and that I only have the plugin configurations which appear to be correct already... Thanks for any help anyone can provide....