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Author Topic: Dual motoraxis spin opposite directions only in X- and only with PS3 controller  (Read 7002 times)

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Hi guys,

I've been stuck with this issue for almost a week now and can't seem to find anything on the web.
So here's my problem:

I have a regular 3 axis machine with a dual motor setup for X (A as slave).
Jogging of all axis with the keyboard works perfectly fine.

I use the Xbox360Controller V2.4.1 plugin with SCPToolkit and a wireless PS3 Controller on a W10 machine.
Both Y and Z axis jogging works fine with the controller.
The X and the A axis also turn in the right direction when I jog in the X+ direction with the controller.
In the X- direction the X axis turns in the supposed direction, but somehow the A axis moves still in X+ direction,
which almost destroyed my gantry.

I also tried the XBOXShilling plugin; with the same result.
Out of desperation I also tried creating a new profile from scratch which didn't help.

FIY: I use a Pokeys57CNC V1.7 controller. Each axis has it's own driver and homing switch.

I would really appreciate it if you could suggest some settings I might have overlooked or set wrongly.

Thanks in advance,

- Version R3.043.066 on a W10 machine